E.L. Fitness in the community

At E.L. Fitness we love helping in the community as much as we can. Giving back to those in need is one of the most rewarding feelings, and it means the E.L. Fitness community continues to grow. We are stronger together. We run weekly exercise classes for local senior citizens face to face and on zoom. We take them all on weekly walks in Upton Court Park and around the Britwell. The online classes and walks do wonders for combating loneliness which is something currently so prevalent within the elderly population. We get to connect with each other, share stories and exercise at the same time. Exercise and mobility is so important within the elderly community, lifting their mood, and increasing strength and balance which in turn can lower the risk of falls and injuries.

We're always happy to help whenever we can with local fundraisers and community projects. We've helped raise funds for a defibrillator in our local park that benefits the whole community. We make regular donations to our local foodbanks and baby bank, provide vouchers for school fetes, we organise a charity walk for baby loss awareness week raising money for SANDs each year and last year we did a 24 hour Hiitstep challenge in aid of Thames Hospice.