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Here at EL Fitness I suppose you could say we have a healthy obsession with leggings. The quote ‘never judge a book by its cover’ definitely does not apply here….its all about the design and bolder and brighter definitely wins. Obviously functionality also comes high up on the list of requirements, these leggings definitely get put through their paces at our outdoor bootcamp.  We train in rain, hail, snow and glorious sunshine and the kit we wear must be durable and comfortable.  I think we’d all agree when we find that holy grail in leggings they need to have:

Gorgeous designs, something unique but flattering in our favourite colours

Material that keeps you cool and dry but also not too fragile that snags easily

Generous length for the tall people….no ankle grazers…..but not so long the short people get bunching….nobody likes that look!

High waisted, holds everything in and keeps everything supported during high impact moves

Decent compression through the legs

A high waist band that doesn’t move, or a drawstring….they cant be falling down while you’re smashing out 50 burpees

Some people like a pocket in the back for a phone

Most importantly SQUAT PROOF!! Nobody wants to see our knickers while we’re stood in the middle of the park.

With a group of around 70 people we’re regularly trying out different brands and we all have our favourites, last week I decided to order a couple of pairs from a brand called Yoga Leggs.  A month ago I’d never heard of the company, but I’d seen a few adverts popping up and I couldn’t resist…animal prints, florals, striking colours, I did what any other leggings obsessed person would do and clicked ‘add to cart’ then stalked the postman.

I’m like a self-confessed magpie for pink and leopard so decided on ‘snazzy snake’ and ‘some like it hot’, ordering was simple and delivery was quick, within 2 or 3 days;  The packaging was secure everything arrived in perfect condition and the envelope was shiny! Who doesn’t love a shiny silver envelope arriving through the letterbox!

Following the size guide I ordered a medium, they have plenty of compression through the legs which I love, its feels like they’re holding me in everywhere that I need it, waist band is nice and high and even with no drawstring the waist band feels secure and doesn’t budge when running. The length is very generous, not too long for me at 5ft 7in but enough extra length for the taller crew.

The designs are beautiful, something to suit everyone’s taste from aqua and orange to black and grey, and very flattering.  The material feels sturdy and not too fragile but also nice and cool and flexible. And most importantly of all…..they pass the squat test! I gave them a good trial run in the mirror, no VPL, no visible knickers, RESULT!

At £45 a pair they’re on the higher end of the budget compared to other brands we buy from, however I did get a multi-use voucher code with my first order that gives me 20% off which will make a big difference and I do feel is extremely generous.

The one thing the leggings don’t have is a back pocket, most yoga leggings don’t and this definitely wouldn’t put me off buying them, I wear a running belt regardless.

THE VERDICT I absolutely love Yoga Leggs leggings, stunning designs, great functionality, reasonable prices and very comfortable.  As far as I can see the company is UK based and run by 2 absolute boss ladies, I’ll certainly be ordering again what’s not to love?

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