Skin and Tonic: Calm balm

We all love a bit of relaxation and self care at E.L. Fitness. Even though we're always busy and on the go we definitely need our down time to recharge. I've always used essential oils such as lavender to aid sleep, but recently I've been trying out some new combinations. I have an anxiety blend that I use a lot, and I recently purchased Calm Balm from a company called Skin and Tonic. I saw it advertised online during lockdown, for every purchase of a calm kit they sent a pot of calm balm to an NHS worker during the Covid19 pandemic.

I placed my order which was simple and delivery was quick despite the delays during the pandemic. The balm arrived and straight away I got the top off and had a good sniff! It smells like the inside of a spa, gorgeous and relaxing but not too strong.

The main oils used are lavender, camomile, rosemary and calendula. The instructions state to use it on wrists, temples and palms and breathe in deeply. I used it on the first night it arrived, I often struggle to sleep and felt so restless. As soon as I massaged some into my temples and breathed in the gorgeous essential oils I instantly felt calmer and more relaxed. I now use it most nights before bed and definitely get a better nights sleep.

At £12.50 a pot it's not cheap, however a little goes a long way. I love this product and the ethos of the brand. If you're into essential oils and relaxation its definitely something lovely to have by your bed to set yourself up for a good nights sleep.

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