Feather & Down Bubble bath….

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bubble bath at the end of the day! Its my ultimate relaxation time, get the kids to bed, lock the door and run a bubble bath. Often includes a glass of wine and a face mask but thats another review in itself!

I'm always on the lookout for a good bubble bath, my top requirements:

  • Has to smell good! For me that's more about relaxing essential oils than candy floss but to each their own!
  • has to create good bubbles!
  • not too expensive, up to £10
  • Anything that aids sleep always catches my eye
  • Any that aid muscle recovery I love after exercise
  • packaging, something that's going to look good on in the bathroom
  • decent sized bottle as I use it a lot
  • easily available-sold in a supermarket or Boots so I can buy it in my weekly shop

2 weeks ago I spotted this Feather and Down bubble bath in my local supermarket and decided to give it a try. Its Made in England which I love, the less air miles the better. It claims to aid sleep, the essential oils of lavender and chamomile pretty much guarantee its going to smell lovely, and I loved the big bottle and the whole design. It was also only £7 which I felt was a great price considering the quality of the product.

I can confirm it smells amazing! It feels like a real pamper session when I run the bath, all the essential oils fill the room and it creates amazing thick foaming bubbles. A little goes a long way so I know its going to last even with my regular bubble baths.

For me anything that contains lavender helps me relax and sleep. I'm not the best sleeper but this in my bath on a night has definitely made a difference. I use it before I put calm balm on and it makes me feel rested and ready for bed.

I have sensitive skin that certain products irritate but this has given me no issues at all. I absolutely love this bubble bath and would definitely buy again in the future.

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