I’d like to introduce you to Annie and Susan…

I know what you’re thinking….who on earth are Annie and Susan and who the hell cares?

Let me explain, as I’m pretty certain you’ll have met Annie or Susan yourself. In fact we all have one, our inner critic.  Emily decided hers is called Annie, mine is called Susan. They’re the voice inside your head that tells you that you’re not good enough, unworthy, incapable, they fill your head with doubts, they make you feel like rubbish.  Some days Annie or Susan stay quiet, or are just a gentle whisper, some days they get really loud and annoying.  Unfortunately they’re unlikely to ever go away, its human nature that we’ll all have days with Annie or Susan screaming in our ear, when we just want some peace and quiet but they’re so bloody annoying and relentless! It means we have to have a word now and again to calm that inner critic down and put them back in their place, get them to shut the hell up!

You are enough.

You are capable.

You are strong.

What ever Annie or Susan are telling you…you can prove them wrong!

Your body is an amazing vessel that doesn’t need to change to fit into a mould.

You are unique and brilliant.

You deserve happiness and success.

You deserve to rest it is productive too.

You can be a loving and caring person and still say no.

You are allowed boundaries.

You can’t be everything to everyone.

You are human and doing the best you can.

You deserve a break.

You deserve to be loved.

You are amazing just as you are.

Next time you hear that inner critic loud and clear….feel free to give it a lovely name (Annie and Susan are taken though sorry) treat it like an acquaintance that you prefer to keep at arms length, have a good word, put them in their place, you are stronger than you think and that voice inside your head will never win.

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