Body Positivity Shoot

So many of us tend to focus on how we look in a negative way, the influence of social media, the general media, magazines, celebrities, photoshop make us feel inadequate the way we are. There's a constant strive for perfection when often perfection is right in front of us exactly what we see right now. Stretch marks, wrinkles, loose skin, lumps and bumps, all normal, all part of being beautiful human beings.

We try really hard at E.L. Fitness to focus on how we feel rather than how we look. We often say the supposed imperfections that bother us are only seen by ourselves, nobody else looks at a person and sees the imperfections that we focus on ourselves.

Our smiles, our laughter, a friendly face, an act of kindness, that's what matters the most. Our bodies are amazing, we run, we walk, we breathe, we jump, we grow humans inside of us, bodies that have been through trauma, have adapted to disabilities, we are warriors, we are survivors.

We decided to do a photoshoot last year with the focus of embracing our bodies and celebrating us for the amazing people that we are. It was completely out of our comfort zone for so many of us, it involved underwear only, however it turned into an amazing bonding experience.

We all worked together and encouraged each other to do the photoshoot and with the agreement of everyone we then shared our experience with the world! The response was amazing from both men and women of all ages. Be inspired by others and always lift each other xx

We did it, and the final image was just amazing....

The stunning final image!

This is what fit looks like... these inspirational women are part of E.L. Fitness... discover your confidence and be encouraged.

Embrace yourself, and do this along side other like-minded individuals.

Learn to positively support each other on this entire journey and surround yourself with happiness and motivation.

Fitness is not just being the fittest, it’s about learning to love yourself inside and out, and at ELF this is definitely what you'll find; fitness, fun, family and friendship.

You’ve got this!

Photographer : Michaela Harewood London Model Academy

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